A Little Birthday & A Little Intro

Hey there,

My name is Brenda and today is my 27th birthday. But here’s a little intro on myself before we get into this new solar year I’m beginning and what my intentions for Brenda’s Baubles are. Firstly, I’m equal parts proud Latina, born & raised in Queens, New York, humanitarian who had championed girls’ empowerment in Morocco and at home, a beauty & skincare junkie who can spend hours trying new make-up and can’t stop talking about Korean skincare currently, an overprotective dog mama, and an avid lover of gemstones and astrology (I’ll always let you know when Mercury is in Retrograde).

I’m a little bit sugar skull, spice blend, and everything you can find at Sephora. I have always loved sharing my tips and tricks on lifestyle, beauty, and travel and so I decided about 6 months that I wanted to start a platform where I can put all my favorite topics on display as beautiful baubles like the Little Mermaid’s Treasure Room. ^_^ Its taken me a long time to push myself to start because of self-doubt and fear of failing but the only real way to fail is to not do anything at all.

I want to explore blogging as a way to share all the things that excite me and inspire me to live creatively and with more color and spice in my life. While I hope to grow and adapt my blog as I go, I hope whoever you are reading this will find me join me with your feedback and your own recommendations so its a dialogue.

Now on to my birthday!! I chose to publish my into on my birthday because I want the energy of my solar return on this Earth to bring this blog energy and motivate me and make me accountable to follow my own dreams. Birthdays are really special to me and I associate a lot of loving memories based on my birthday and others’ birthdays. While the time in between my last birthday and this one has been fairly full of hardship, I want to manifest new energy and deep rooted hope for the next year.

But let me write for posterity how I celebrated my birthday. Yesterday, I was hoping to go to a Moroccan restaurant near St. Marks Place with my mom and a friend. I’ve been missing Moroccan food since I moved back home in March but unfortunately realized the place I was trying to go to was closed when I got there..in the rain. But I tried to be positive and say “The Universe wants you to go somewhere else and you will have a better time there. So we ended up going to the Bao. I’ve been here once before since I go to Yoga to the People across the street and I love the soup dumplings and scallion pancakes. I got to introduce these to my mom and she really enjoyed the food. I also got to get the “Champagne” Jasmine tea which made my usual booba tea experience feel a little fancier looking (though I wish it did come with bubbles).









Afterwards, we went right downstairs to Spot Dessert BarΒ . This place is amazing. We got the 4 tapas option and picked, The Harvest, Golden Toast, Japanese Cheesecake with mango ice cream, and one I can’t remember the name but its was cookie-cake hybrid with chocolate and pretzel bits with ice cream on top. All of them were sooooooo good. Here’s a few shots of what we ate.

The Harvest was like eating a delicious plant out of its ceramic pot. It has layers of berries, soft cheesecake, meringue kisses, raspberry sorbet, black rose milk tea.




























The Golden Toast is crispy honey buttered toast, fresh strawberries, whipped cream, condensed milk ice cream. This bread is BOMB sooo good especially mixing each bite with a mix of the sides.





























This was the Japanese Coconut Cheesecake with coconut flakes and fresh mango ice cream. The cake was really fluffy. But that ice cream was the best part.




























I love bubble tea<3











Today, I got together with some girlfriends to go to one of my favorite places Alice’s Tea Cup, because as an avid lover of Alice’s Unbirthday party, I think scones, little sandwiches, and tea served in dainty china is essentially my idea of a good time. We ordered two rounds of tea, the Unbirthday tea (which is a blend of black and floral teas. it actually reminded us of the smell of Fruit loops cereal) and the Rooibos Chocolate Caramel tea. To eat I ordered the Alice BLT w/ chicken and a side of fries and a buttermilk scone with preserves and cream. It was all so delicious and just want I wanted for my birthday. I’ve always loved Alice in Wonderland and the idea of tea parties and English decor so having my birthday there was just fitting.



























Look how cute this china is! ^_^






























So there you have it a little bit of my birthday and a little bit of my intro about myself and Brenda’s Baubles.

Hope you enjoyed. Until next time!

Brenda πŸŒŽπŸ’–βœŒ

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